Stephanie Grant

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To Stephanie, it is the wonder of life on earth, our place within it and what we must do to sustain planet earth that matters to her. She treats the world with a respect that has no boundaries and this has become the new force behind her work.

"These works are about the wonder and fascination I have had lately from looking at beautiful photographs taken through special cameras of the universe."

"Inspiration from these forces, continually moving into marvellous cacophonies of colour formations, filled me with the same wonder from watching moving clouds, nature and all its fascinating plants and creatures that have inspired me from childhood."

She feels we need to preserve the planet earth for the young and generations to come.

Stephanie believes that if you know art you know life. Her quest was validated when she encountered the painting, ’Et in Acadia ego’, by Nicolas Poussin, and read the history and the inspiration behind it.

"I do hope that through my work I communicate my feelings, and by sharing these with you, the work provokes the same passion to honour the miracle of life."

Her driving force has been, and is, always wanting to explore new ways of creativity, by exploring many mediums and practices, leading to works created in different ways and mediums, in a non formulaic way.

Stephanie was awarded a BA (Hons) and has been exhibiting since 1972. She has been a Life Drawing Tutor, Community Education Art Teacher and had three paintings accepted into the Royal Academy 1988.

Selected Works

Abstract 1 £140 Abstract 2 £120 Abstract 3 £75 Abstract 4 £195 Abstract 5 £45 Beginning of Life £500 Black Hole £350 Bluebell Wood £350 Cosmos £495 Cosmos 2 £350 Dove jug of love £25 Duck £25 Fox Weather Vain £350 Geometric Man £250 Green Man £12.50 Lady Don £350 Milky Way £295 Outer Space £350 Pry House £125 Staithes £125 Staithes 1 £150 Staithes 2 £125 Torso necklace £10.50 White torso necklace £10.50

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