Rosemary McGarr

Rosemary's work is predominantly hand built pieces using stoneware clay and mostly in vessel form. She favours using traditional methods of coil and slab building.

Using a variety of burnishing and decorating techniques, juxtaposing the smooth and textured areas, she explores the movement and energy of the natural world through her work.

Her work explores the tactile nature of the surface and plasticity of clay, pushing and exploring the development of those surfaces and forms. The processes involve, inclusions, imprinting, stretching and distorting both surface and form.

The work is unglazed, smoke fired, and embraces the unpredicatability of the Raku process.

Selected Works

Raku £110 Raku £80 Platter £35 Platter £35 Guinea Fowl £40 Rams £40 each Bottles £40 each Stretched Raku £80 Stretched Raku £80 Carved medium £30 each Landscape cicular £30 and £40 Carved medium and large £30 and £35 Winter Landscape 1 £35 Square Bottle £40 Blue Nest £45 Book £40 - Tokens £18 each Square Folded porcelaine bottle £40 Nest £45 Winter Landscape 2 £40