Rhoda McGarr

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Rhoda is largely self-taught, although she has attended various pottery short courses.

In 2017 she started on her journey in exploring clay, initially hand building and mainly in stoneware clays. The following year she began a new pathway in working with clay, and through throwing discovered a love of the elasticity and smoothness of porcelain. Since then the focus of her work changed, and she concentrated on experimenting with glaze and its interaction with the porcelain surface.

Each pot is a unique one-off piece, designed to be a stand-alone or displayed as part of a group.

The vessels are thrown and formed from porcelain clays.

Each vessel though diminutive in size, takes an equal amount of time to create, sometimes more than a large scale vessel. The two collections of works shown ‘Earth’ and ’Sky’ are an exploration of surface decoration inspired by the hues and tone found in the world around her, such as landscapes, skylines, and the moods they evoke.

Selected Works

Sky 1 £35 each Earth £35 each Sky 2 £35 each Sky 3 £35 each