Maggie Potter Biggs

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Not all of Maggies' work shown here may be on display in the gallery, so please enquire if a painting you are interested in is not on show.

Maggie has lived in the North of England for most of her life. This wild and woolly area has such a lot to offer and she loves to paint the hills, the people, the architecture and the industry too. Her aim is to engage with people, through her paintings. Painting since childhood, being the one subject she excelled at, she was encouraged to continue.Most of her work being a huge experiment and an interesting adventure.

"It's very exciting to finish a picture and share it with you and hopefully make you happy."

Exhibitions, are too numerous to remember! She was awarded the Dover Prize for the painting, "Bobbing About" which sold during the exhibition. A few years later "Felines" was awarded runner up in the Dover Show. Although Maggie values these awards, her real joy is gained from the interaction with the people who appreciate her work, which now hang on walls around the globe, all purchased in the North of England.

Selected Works

Bird King £1900 Horn of Plenty £1400 Hot Spot £1500 Oodles £1500 Pole Star £1800 Two £1500 Wild Side £1600

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