Irena Kurowska

Irena was born in Edinburgh and studied art psychotherapy at Queen Margaret University. For many years she worked for the NHS as a therapist, but is now retired and enjoying having more time to paint.

The images are drawn from memory aided by sketches and photographs. She very much enjoys experimenting and following the way the paint leads her, work, which verges to a greater or lesser degree on abstraction, but has always as its focus a sense of atmosphere and light.

Solo exhibition 25 September - 9 October 2021

Selected Works

Golden Blooms £320 Sunflowers £380 Three Pink Tulips £320

Augmented Reality AR

To view any painting in AR on the wall of your home, tap any of the thumbnails below on a iPhone or iPad. You may reposition the painting on your wall by dragging the image on the device's screen. Support for AR is built directly into iOS and iPadOS.
Clicking on a thumbnail on Mac will download the reality file.