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Mortall Gallery arose out of a passion for art in an uncertain time. With what seems to have been a creative surge in most domains of work and an imperative to create a better way of life, much of the creative outpouring has been digital content. However, the digital communication of artwork, as important as it is, is no substitute for actually experiencing the item created by hand. Thus, the birth of the Mortall Gallery.

The name of the gallery actually comes from the carved stone lintel over the side door bearing the archaic spelling of mortal

According to the Yorkshire Vernacular Buildings Group, the building which now forms the Mortall Gallery was in existence before Newgate was established as a town street. Though impossible to date, John Baliol founded a hospital directly opposite in 1230 and suggests activity in the area and it is therefore quite possible that the old portion of No.26 is of considerable antiquity.

The Gallery opened on 5 December 2020. Do check this website, subscribe to the calendar, or follow along on social media, as new works are arriving all the time.